Community Garden advances

Today we pottered down to feed the chickens to find our old bottom plot a hive of activity! 

In the last week they have hired a digger, cleared the soil and levelled it as well as digging a deep trench at one end to make a bank. The trench is being filled with cages of rubble before being covered over by soil. There are also plans for a pebble pool for wildlife and a stumpery (a collection of tree stumps, not entirely sure why!). In the club house is a new notice board with jobs on so that people can volunteer to help with specific tasks. Personally, I am going to help with collecting flowers to go in the garden.  My favourites are cornflowers, lupins and Tulips. Now to find somewhere that sells them….

My other half amused himself picking up the chickens. The Warrens couldn’t care less unless you were removing them from their food but the Cream Legbars, Polly and Dolly, and Vorwerks,  Holly and Molly,  take serious exception to being cuddled. Despite their best efforts, we managed to catch Polly (distinguished by her larger and very floppy comb) and Holly (very desirous to escape!). I don’t think we are likely to hold them ever again judging by the response…. 

Tomorrow after work I will be putting in another couple of rows of potatoes if the ever dreary British weather permits. Unlikely I know.


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