The allotment goes crazy!

Last week my other half went down to the allotment to feed our lovely flock of chickens to find that Masie (one of our original trio of chickens) has died in her sleep. She had a long and happy life in our care but it is sad to see her go.

My husband has been very busy digging all week while I was galvanting in Norway. He has cleared almost the entire plot and it is ready for plants! 

Another of our Warrens, Annie, is rather under the weather at the moment.  Geoff has settled her in the nest box and is giving her some antibiotics. Hopefully it will work but she isn’t looking very good. We have put a container of water next to her to try to encourage her to drink.

Phil was down on site today and we had a good chat, he kindly donated a huge bag of compost to us so we can get planting.  I spent the afternoon planting an array of seeds, in the hope they will actually grow. We haven’t been very successful the last two years….

I also managed to clear out half the weeds in th strawberry bed and plant two rows of onions.

Tomorrow,  watering the seeds and planting some more plants! We are determined that this year will be an excellent growing year!


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