Thrive not survive

Pottered back down the allotment this morning expecting to be greeted with a graveyard of dead plants in the greenhouse and a wilderness on the plot. Well, I was half right….

Due to the appalling heat, I beat a hasty retreat and returned in the afternoon once the blazing fire on the sky disappeared. I started to clear some of the grass away from the fruit trees at the bottom and along the path with a view of more weed clearing over the next few days.

In my clearing I came across a rat. A dead rat. I decided to leave it and ask Cliff (our resident Rat Exterminator) what to do with it tomorrow. 

To my eternal astonishment,  the greenhouse plants have not only survived but thrived under the care of Phil and Mick. They all either need repotting again or planting outside once the ground is clear.

Jobs to do tomorrow – clear more weeds from the plot, replant some of the greenhouse plants and tackle the strawberry bed…


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