Work commences 

All of yesterday was spent down the allotment, trying to undo two weeks of neglect. 

Chickens fed although Polly decided she would refuse to move from the nest box where she has taken up residence. If she is still there this morning, we may have a broody Polly on our hands! In which case, we need to order some eggs and get them under her asap. Now to decide what breed to go for – definitely a hybrid breed as we need to ensure consistent egg supply year round. Our Vorwerks and Cream Legbars are pure breeds which only lay in the spring and summer. 

Next I started to dig out the grassy tufts and other weeds from the plot. The soil was baked so dry that it was very difficult to get them out. So I moved onto the nightmare jungle of the strawberry bed. 

It took a while but it looks considerably better and the plants have more room to grow more fruit! 

Whilst I was down there a rather momentous event occurred… read the next post for full details! 


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