A-buzz with excitement 

A rather momentous event happened yesterday morning on site – after months of waiting, the bees have arrived!

Phil and Steve have been attending a bee keeping course and have mentors to help them if they are unsure – Bee keeping seems to be rather complex! Steve has built two hives and they look really impressive.  One will be sited on Phil’s plot (next to ours) and the other on the half plot at the back of the site which Phil is caring for temporarily. 

Two colonies of bees arrived in specialist polystyrene boxes with vents to allow them out. Upon arrival, the boxes were placed on a box and left for half an hour so the bees can calm down. The buzzing from within the box on arrival was amazing! 

Steve and Phil then donned their bee keeping gear and cautiously went to release them. The bees flew out and some will fly back to their original hive but the majority will stay on site apparently. 

Later, I found the bees drinking at the edge of the water butt on Phil’s plot. Steve said the second hive was also drinking from another water butt on the back of Phil’s half plot. 

Overnight the bees will go back into the polystyrene box and then they will be transferred to their new hive tomorrow. Phil and Steve are hoping that next year the hives will be big enough to split and we can have more hives on site – I am rather taken with the idea….

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