Onward, ever onward

Spent a few hours down the allotment yesterday trying to clear some of the weeds. It wasn’t particularly successful due to the hardness of the soil, making full root extraction nearly impossible. Hopefully it will rain soon otherwise we are going to struggle!

Doris wasn’t looking too good so I asked Cliff the Vet to have a look at her beak which wasn’t closing properly. When I picked her up she was way too light, so she hasn’t been eating properly. Cliff had a look at her and found her beak was full of rotting food, and using a stick he managed to get most of it out although we will probably need to get the rest out asap. It was blocking her closing the beak and stopping her feeding. Hopefully she will be able to eat and be back to her usual self tomorrow. 

I also managed to plant a row of French beans but a friend’s imminent arrival stopped me from planting the other row. 

Most excitingly, the strawberries are starting to ripen….


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