Where is the rain?!

Rushed down to the allotment after getting back from a short visit to see my husband who is working away. I found Doris still not looking brilliant but she is looking fractionally more perky.

Upon opening one of the nest boxes, I found Polly still in residence plus a couple of others all trying to use the same box and helpfully ignoring the large (and entirely unused) nest box at the other side of the coop. Useless. 

After speaking to Geoff and Chris the Warden, I have cleared out and prepared one of Chris’s small coops so that Polly can be on her own. I also ordered half a dozen blue laced wyandotte eggs so hopefully Polly can hatch them successfully.  

The lack of rain is really getting annoying as all of us are running low on water for plants. The ground is baked solid making it almost impossible to weed or put new plants in. In fitting with the British sense of eternal optimism when all hope is lost, I proceeded to plant out some butternut squash plants and the corn. 

The question is now, will it survive? The clouds overhead are dark and heavy with rain. But will it fall on our plot and steadily over several hours? Who knows!


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