Chickens old and new

Ran down to the allotment this morning to move Polly into her new temporary home and to check on poor Doris. On arriving, Polly and Doris were sharing the small nest box with Polly blocking the entrance to stop the over crowding that happened yesterday. 

With Geoff’s help, we moved Polly into her new home complete with three of the 10 eggs she has been sitting on. She was very indignant and has spent some time walking around the new enclosure.  Hopefully she will shortly be back on the eggs!

These are the eggs she will be trying to hatch – blue laced wyandotte large fowl (there’s a bantam sized version too). They will rest, nose down for 24 hours and will go underneath Polly tomorrow morning. Then all we can do is wait….

A quick dash around the greenhouse to water the plants before heading off to spend time with my cousin and her other half. Planning on going back for some weeding later this evening when it’s less hot!


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