And then there were six…

Pottered down to the allotment today to sort out some weeds and to water the greenhouse plants. I also needed to check on Doris as she wasn’t looking good yesterday. There she was in the nest box, but she had passed away overnight. Poor Doris. She was the last of our original Warrens and has been a brilliant and very cheeky chicken. 

On the other hand, Polly after her entire day out yesterday has settled on her new wyandotte eggs – now to wait and see if they hatch! In taking out the old eggs and putting in the fertile wyandotte eggs, she took exception to Geoff who was in charge of the switch and pecked at him with such ferocity that she drew blood! Never mess with a broody chicken! 

In between feeding the rest of our now diminished flock, I began weeding various areas, trying despite the rock hard soil, to extract the weed roots. I wasn’t very successful. Hopefully the forecast of rain all day tomorrow will assist with weeding!

As soon as Polly’s eggs were in and she was settled, I dropped in some weeds into the main coop to discover Molly has decided to go broody. Heaven help us as she is even more aggressive than Polly and Emily combined. Question is which breed to go for next? Suggestions welcome 


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