An afternoon in the sunshine 

This afternoon, after escaping from work, we pottered down to the allotment. Today’s aim was to plant out some of the jungle currently residing in the greenhouse. 

I had a quick check of Cliff’s chicks who are growing rapidly. It was difficult to get a good look at them as Mum was very protective.

We managed to plant the brocc-ali given to us by Dave the Plod, some kale to complete the row with the corn. Next we put in a row of purple sprouting Broccoli followed by a row of rainbow chard.

We still have lots of other things to go out from the greenhouse including more butternut squash (the slugs are eating the ones already out), Broccoli, Onions, possibly more beans. There are lots more seeds awaiting planting if only I had more time! 

The potatoes finally seem to be starting off – only several months late! Poor Geoff hasn’t had any luck with the two rows he planted in our plot. Whether all the chard survives is also questionable! The spinach and lettuce appears to be surviving the slug attacks after I used a magic concoction made by Phil.

My husband enjoyed spending time picking our strawberries – they must be a different variety from last year as we usually have them over Wimbledon. A serious and horrifying mistake which will be rectified next year. There is simply nothing better, or more British, than strawberries and cream with lawn tennis. Eating homegrown strawberries whilst watching a Brit win Wimbledon would be even better, but that’s up to Andy Murray…

We also checked on Polly and Molly who are still sitting on their eggs – we are getting excited as Polly’s eggs are due in just over a week! Molly’s are due the following week.

To my husband’s eternal delight, the blueberry bushes look like they will give us some fruit this year!

So what’s planned for tomorrow?  More plants need to go out and the new ones need watering. Broody chickens need checking and ideally the main coop needs it’s monthly clean.


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