Die weeds die!

On Sunday, we went to the allotment to feed the chickens, check on our two broody chickens and to clear some of the weeds that insist on growing in our plot.

The chickens were happy to see us (or pretended to in order to get food) and they are back to laying in the small nest box.  They are being spoilt with greenery as not only are we putting weeds in for them but at least three others are too!

The recent rain has softened the ground enough to effectively weed the plot – the other half did a stirling job of clearing most of the weeds in the middle of the plot whilst I weeded between the plants.

Being a Sunday, it meant the hive inspection! We watched Steve and Phil check the hives. The bees were rather more feisty this inspection than last week apparently due to the wind. Like my cat, the wind is an invisible enemy who tortures them when they go outside.  The bees have been extremely busy in the last week. Even the smaller hive has significantly grown!

Here are some general photos of our ever growing plants!


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