Back with a bang!

Sadly no updates on the allotment the past week as I was suffering with a whopper 3 day migraine – it was all I could do to drag myself out to feed the chickens.

Back to normality today and raring to go. I headed off to the allotment. Things have changed in the coop in my absence – 5 Black Rock chickens have appeared! 

Geoff has decided to change the breed of chicken he keeps from Black Rock to Rhode Island Red (hybrid to pure breed). He offered his Black Rocks to us! Obviously I accepted – we run the very real risk of owning chickens and having no eggs over the winter (the joys of pure breeds!). We were going to have to go and buy some point of lay but these are better. They are very hardy and nothing bothers them – regular layers and can become quite tame (especially if you ply them with meal worms…). Introducing, Snap, Crackle, Pop, Fizz and Squeak!

Also, I have managed to get a good photo (finally I hear you say!) of our little chick who I have decided to call Millie…

Molly continues to be an excellent mum and her comb is still improving.  I am hopeful that she will keep the entirety of the comb, even if it is at a rather odd angle. 

Mick the Greek swung by and offered me some Broccoli and a form of onions, not quite spring onions,  but they smell lovely. The day got even better when Phil popped by with a jar of honey for us. Made from the bees on site, it is a gorgeous pale gold colour and I can’t wait to try it!

Phil has also been busy making things from the wax that has covered the honey cells. He has made furniture polish, candles and even lip balm. The lip balm is amazing – all in proper tins and with different types ranging from lemon, cherry and mint as well as honey! I fully intend to try making some myself when I get our hive going!

So tomorrow will be a busy day – I will meet Geoff’s new chickens, continue my weeding of the middle section of the plot and do another full anti-mite fluid wash of the coop.


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