Reclaiming the plot!

After the rain that has plagued us the last few days, I managed to spend a good amount of time down the allotment on Friday.  My aim was to continue clearing the seemingly unending mass of weeds at the top of the plot.

I cleared half before I got distracted by the strawberry bed which I realised might not contain any live strawberry plants due to the state of the bed. I quickly set to work and was pleased and surprised to find many of the plants still alive! As an added bonus, the runners seemed to be healthy do it looks like we should have a good crop next year, just in time for Wimbledon. 

From this…

…to this!

The rusty padlock that secures the shed has been difficult to unlock over the last few months on account of the increasing rust. I put in the key and turned it. It didn’t work. So I wiggled the key until I felt the lock give. I pulled the key out to find only half of it in my hand! The other half was left in the lock! Long story short, we need a new padlock!

Depending on the weather tomorrow,  I plan to finish weeding at the top end of the plot and clear out the greenhouse ready for next summer. I am determined that the plot is properly sorted for next year, especially as I have a new job which will take up more time than my current one. 


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