A quick stroll

We ambled down at a leisurely hour this morning to feed the chickens and to have a look at our work from yesterday.

Chickens were grumpy at being fed so late and made their objections loudly. We fed them, changed their water and cleared out the nest box and left them to it.

We had a quick chat with Geoff who had an excellent idea of using the second greenhouse frame which Fiona and I dragged from Nantwich as an extension to the coop. This means if we moved the nest box in the main run, we could have the greenhouse attached to the main coop to give the ground a rest. It would allow time for the ground to regenerate and we could grow grass etc in it whilst the chickens were kept in the other enclosure. I did some rough measurements and I think the 10″ x 12″ frame will fit tightly between the coop and the fruit trees. So now to work out how to put the frame up as I have completely forgotten what goes where!

We spent a few minutes putting bits back into the main greenhouse to tidy-up the plot before transporting the glass to the side of the shed.

We found a couple of stray gooseberry bushes which we will add to the fruit section of the plot. I am desperately hoping one of these will be a red gooseberry as I much prefer those to the usual white ones.

To round off today, here are some spring photos for you all…


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