Fruit Trees

I received a very exciting email this afternoon – I have found a nursery which is able to supply a Plymouth Pear tree!

I emailed every fruit tree supplier in the UK who claim to specialise in traditional or rare fruit trees and eventually, after many failed attempts, I have found somewhere that has a Plymouth Pear. As it is so rare, they have a “mother tree” from which cuttings are taken and grafted on to rootstock before being allowed to grow for a year. Once the tree is a year old, the nursery sends it out. It will be a while before we can plant our own Plymouth Pear but it will be well worth the wait!

This is the original Plymouth Pear tree!

Along with our Plymouth Pear, we are going to order an Almond tree and an Apricot tree. The exact varieties are still to be decided and debated (our climate up north isn’t exactly favourable!) so we will need to choose carefully.

I am also planning on wandering around some local nurseries to see if they have any other interesting fruit trees or fruit bushes.

Now to decide where to plant our new trees!


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