Enjoying the sunshine

Still bogged down with flu, I dragged myself down to get some fresh air. The sunshine finally has appeared and according to the Met Office, it will be here for the entire Bank Holiday weekend.

I walked down to the chickens and was greeted by a chorus of disgust at the lateness of the hour. My explaining that I was dying of flu didn’t make any difference to the amount of abuse hurled at me. Food out and water changed, I left them to scoff their food and take a dust bath.

A quick stop for a drink and biscuit gave me time to catch up with everyone. I asked Phil if I could borrow is push-pull hoe and mini rotivator to see whether it would be easier than the ancient hoe I am currently using.

I gave it a try and it made a massive difference – so with a successful trial of Phil’s, I fully intend of getting my own. In my hoeing, I discovered that some of our potato plants are coming through. It’s such a relief as all of them failed last year.

Steve and Phil caught me and asked me to check one of the hives with them. Despite the bright sunshine, there weren’t many bees out and when completing the hive check earlier in the week, they couldn’t find the Queen. We donned our bee suits and opened up the hive. There weren’t many bees compared to the other hive but we did find the Queen in the end. It’s a relief as Phil and Steve were worried the colony was about to collapse.

Determined not to overdo it, I had an amble about the plot and took a few more photos before coming home.


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