Balding chicken

Today before the rain set in, I managed to get down to the allotment and do some jobs.

The allotment is half ready for winter now, with the beans removed and onions picked. I had hoped to finish clearing the plot of weeds today but I settled for just over half. I shifted the greenhouse shield a bit further down the plot so I could make a start at getting rid of the weeds who insist on growing despite it being mid October.

At the coop, all seems peaceful and calm for a change. Holly, Polly and Dolly all seem to have decided to copy Evie’s terrible example of extreme moulting. Evie has lost even more feathers in the last few days (I honestly didn’t believe it could be possible to loose any more feathers!) to the point where she only has a handful left. Fortunately, her new feathers are coming through and she is at the spikey stage where she looks half alien.

The other chickens don’t seem to mind the excessive amount of moulted feathers littered all over the coop. Fortunately, the rest of the girls seem to be keeping their feathers and are looking healthy. Fizz in particular is looking splendid with her new feathers all on show.

Autumn has properly come to the allotment now. There are a few flowers left surrounded by changing leaves and wilting stems. I had a walk around the allotment site to appreciate how quickly the plants change to reflect the new season.

Autumn also comes with the added bonus of the incinerator being lit. When it is lit, it’s a great place to warm up frozen fingers before going home!


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