Fashion for Chickens

This evening I arrived home from work to find an important parcel had arrived. A few days ago I ordered a chicken jumper for Evie. Her utterly ridiculous insistence on loosing almost all of her feathers have left her extremely vulnerable to the cold. By our reckoning she must be 6 years old and older birds are susceptible to the cold weather.

This morning we noticed a significant drop in temperature and I spent all day worrying about how she would cope. As soon as I had unwrapped the jumper, I dashed across to the allotment.

Upon arrival, I couldn’t find any sign of her. This made me uneasy because it meant either that she had been moved to a greenhouse to keep her warmer or that she has succumbed to the cold. Fortunately, I found her in the nest box, grumpy but very much alive. I caught her fairly easily but juggling her whilst trying to put the jumper single handedly on proved trickier than I had originally thought.

Eventually, I got it on and she kept struggling to walk as her leg got caught in it. After a few minutes of trying to work out why, I discovered that I had put it on the wrong way round! Much to her eternal disgust, I caught her again and adjusted it as well as tightening the straps so it fitted snuggly around her body. When I picked her up the second time her body temperature was warmer so it is definitely working! The others will laugh, but I think she looks rather snazzy in her new outfit!


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