Here comes winter

I ambled down to the allotment at a leisurely pace this morning. I was rather late, made later by stopping off at the clubhouse before feeding the chickens.

Due to the cold weather, everyone had retreated into the clubhouse. A wise decision as the clubhouse includes a stash of biscuits and a seemingly unending supply of tea. I arrived to find Cliff and Geoff in residence and in charge of tea making. We had an unexpected addition to our usual gathering, Cluff’s gorgeous white silky. Apparently, these chickens are particularly susceptible to cold weather, and the cold overnight had really got to her. By the time I arrived, Cliff had warmed her up by tucking her into his jacket and she had purked up enough to sleep beside him. We got to talking about Evie’s jumper and I told him I had got a spare. I dashed back home to pick it up and had an interesting few minutes trying to get it on a very reluctant chicken. Between Cliff and I, we got it on in the end!

Next, I went down to feed our girls. All present and correct with the added bonus that Evie seems to have finally decided to follow that popular fad trend of chickens having feathers. She will still need to keep the jumper on for a few more days but things are going in the right direction!

Now that it is finally half term (yes, I know everyone else had it last week!), we can get round to finishing off the digging and repairs to the coop roof which seems to have sprung a slight leak. Always providing it doesn’t pour with rain, snow or any other quirky phenomenon which the British weather is notoriously famous for!


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