Return of the Feathers

Today I pottered down late to the allotment to find the guys at the clubhouse enjoying the autumn sunshine. Cliff had brought his silky chicken back and put her in a greenhouse to keep her safe from the cold. After chatting for a bit, I went down to feed the chickens.

Holly, Dolly and Polly are now moulting but nowhere near as spectacularly as Evie. Fortunately, Evie’s feathers are finally coming in properly. So much so, that Cliff helped me take off her jumper. The idiot bird had managed to get her wing as well as her head through the head hole! You can imagine the difficulties we had trying to extract her from it!

Whilst we had her, Cliff helped me treat her feet with sudacrem as she has scaly leg yet again. We also managed to treat Fizz as her legs looked a bit dodgy again too.


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