Hide and seek

This morning I ambled down at a decidedly late hour to feed the chickens. Clucking their disapproval, they made it very clear how unacceptable it was to be fed so late.

As I sorted out their food – currently a 50/50 mix of layers pellets and mixed corn, three handfuls of sunflower seeds, two handfuls of oats and a slice of brown bread – I counted the girls. And came up one short.

This isn’t unusual particularly if I am running late and they are sulking in the nest box. So I opened both nest boxes. Nothing. Checked the perches inside. Nothing. I began to feel uneasy. The downside of being a retirement home for chickens is that occasionally their bodies are found in the coop.

Having checked all the usual nooks and crannies, I realised I had forgotten to check under the nest box. As I bent over, I saw a pair of beady eyes looking up at me. The idiot bird had dug herself a nice hole and being black, had almost perfectly camouflaged herself in the dark recess under the nest box.

I confess, I was not impressed with the ninja chicken and told her so. She didn’t acknowledge the reprimand.

Snap 1 – Exasperated owner 0


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