Winter comes to the allotment

The temperature has dropped significantly the last few days. On Wednesday I dashed down to the allotment before work to feed the chickens and found everything tinged with frost. The days are slowly getting longer and the sunrise over the allotment was spectacular.

I fed the disgruntled chickens who scoffed the food I put down before running around the site taking photos as I myself late for work. The frost seems to be able to pick out tiny details in leaves and contrasts beautifully with darker colours.

I checked the tree before I left which is still standing strong, tightly wrapped against the cold.

According to the Met Office, we are due an extremely cold winter with another Beast from the East. It may mean snow and ice like last year which could mean we need to ensure the chicken’s nest box is cold-proofed as much as possible and further wrapping of the olive tree may be in order!


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