Snow comes to Crewe

I woke this morning to a wintery scene outside my window. The temperature has dropped significantly and the flurries of sleet from yesterday turned to snow overnight.

Wrapping myself up warmly against the cold, I set off to the allotment. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Geoff who had had the bright idea of lighting the fire in the club house.

We were joined before long by Rob, Phil, Chris and Mel, all of whom came seeking refuge from the cold. A lively discussion followed before everyone decided that it was time do something.

I ambled down the path towards the coop with Evie shouting at me all the way down. Despite the freezing temperatures overnight, it seems that several of our chickens have been sleeping outside on the top of the nest box. Honestly, how cold does it have to be before they all sleep in their warm nest box?!

Once the food was out, I stopped being shouted at and was allowed to move around the coop in peace.

I adore the snow. Everything looks different when edged with ice. The allotment site looks beautiful all year round but covered in snow, it’s magical.


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  1. We’ve got about 8 inches of snow on Dartmoor, drifting last night and a bit of melting today. A drop in temperatures tonight, and you guessed it, sheets of ice awaiting us tomorrow. It’s a winter wonderland. The dogs love it. The roads are passable with a 4×4. There is no gardening. Chickens are happy to skate across the top of it all. Good luck if and when you do get the snow.


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