Shed got Tango’d!

This evening we walked down to the allotment armed with new paint and sandpaper. The aim for today was to paint the outside of the shed with wood preserving paint and if we had time, to tidy up the inside paintwork.

As it turned out, we only had just enough time to paint the outside shed twice. The paint was almost instantly absorbed by the wood highlighting how overdue this job was! By the time we had gone around the shed once, the paint was pretty much dry.

So we decided to do a second coat quickly while the light lasted. We finished with about 10 minutes to spare before we lost the light. It is likely that the paint will dry brown but while it’s wet, it looks orange. Very orange. A dodgy 70’s shade of orange – the sort of colour that you associate with dark brown fabric and flares. I am praying it will be brown not tango orange in the morning!

Just before we left, we decided to have a go sanding the back panel in the shed prior to painting it with the new paint. As we sanded it, the beautiful natural colour of the wood started to come through. We decided it was too lovely to paint over so we finished sanding it, removed paint splashes and ran over it with a fine sandpaper. The finished panel will look great although we ran out of light to see the final result.

The plan for tomorrow is to sand down and paint some of the furniture with the new paint before setting up everything inside the shed. We also need to tidy up the stuff we have taken out of the shed and turn over the soil in front of the shed which we have trampled heavily over the past few days.

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