A day of two halves

This morning we ambled down to the allotment, armed with the last few bits for the shed. We dropped off the final bits outside the shed before looking at the shed in the daylight. All the paint had dried and after a short discussion, we decided to do another coat on the top panel and touch up the panels either side of the batons.

Yet again, we emptied the shed of all its furniture and spread them out on the soil in front of the shed. As we made a start, Fiona sanding down the stool and me inside touching up the paintwork, Steve dropped by to sort out when we would check the bees. We decided to check after tea break, so Steve went off for his tea whilst we rushed to finish our jobs. We finished just in time. Fiona had done a great job of upcycling the stool, painting it a lovely light green. I had managed to touch up the paint in the shed so we joined Steve in the bee check.

Fiona was rather worried about the bees. I managed to persuade her that if she suited up, she wouldn’t be stung to death by an angry swarm. She wasn’t convinced but she put on the bee suit and begrudgingly followed Steve and I over to the hive on Phil’s plot.

We opened the hive to find that the super still had several frames of capped honey in. In the brood box we found the Queen who looked in good shape and even found some eggs and a handful of larvae.

The highlight of the hive check was seeing Fiona hold a frame of bees whilst emitting quiet squeaks of terror.

Hive check finished, we went back to the shed where I sanded down and painted the large table whilst Fiona put a second coat on the top inside panel and put a second coat on the stool. These jobs done, we worked out how and where to hang the tools and nice extras.

As we chatted, we went down to feed the chickens who greeted us with a chorus of disapproving clucks. Fiona bribed them with mealworms which went down a treat. I cleaned the nest box out and put out their usual food and checked their water. We found 5 eggs in the nest box as a nice bonus.

Next, we went back via Mel’s shed. I call it Buckingham Palace because it’s beautiful and very fancy. We asked Mel if we could have a look inside to see how she has done things inside. It was amazing. Armed with new ideas, we went back to the shed. Mel appeared a few minutes later to see what we had done with the shed and to generously give us some bits to brighten up the shed. We put Mel’s shells by the door and gave us some chicken wire and tacks to make a noticeboard inside. As an added bonus, she gave us a draw handle which I turned into a key hanger by the door.

We added the decorations and hung the lights before dashing off to play in my Korfball match.

Upon our return to the site this evening, we went to the allotment to finish off the final touches to the table and organise the shed. The painting was finished quickly and we had fun organising where the decorations should go. We turned on the lights and celebrated the completion of our work.

We put the lights on and enjoyed sitting in the shed before packing up and going home for a well deserved rest.

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