Final touches

This evening I ambled down to the allotment to put the finishing touches to the shed.

I arrived armed with a shelf, three small succulent plants in pretty pots, a pack of wooden pegs and some more lights.

Much to my satisfaction, Mel’s idea of using chicken wire and pegs as a noticeboard works perfectly. I spent some time painting a few of the pegs to add some colour to it. But I have to say, it looks pretty awesome.

A second job was to put up the shelf. I wanted it under the window and use it to have some succulents or cacti on. These plants are ideal for gardeners prone to forgetting to water them for weeks on end (I am a founder member of this group!). I chose three different types of succulent plants and tweaked them around so I could have three different colour pots that perfectly matched the shed’s colour scheme.

Next I wrestled with putting in a line of screws in the centre beam to hang the new lights from. These are battery powered and are alternating wooden stars and hearts. Irritatingly, the lights are just too short to cover the whole be so I have to pick up a second box tomorrow. Eventually, I wrestled the last screw into place and hung them. It makes a massive difference to the shed and makes it possible for us to cook an evening meal in there after a day of work on the plot.

I am so pleased with how the shed has turned out – it’s a wonderful relaxing space now.

Time to start on the next project!


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