A bag of mulch

This afternoon, my long suffering husband and I drove across to a local village to pick up half a builder’s bag of mulch. It was great stuff and smelt amazing! We bundled it into the car and drove straight to the allotment.

Upon arrival, we borrowed a wheelbarrow and got the bag down to the bottom end of our plot. Next we raided the shed for weddings suppressant fabric and spent the best part of an hour wrestling against the wind to keep it in place.

At last it was all pinned down and we moved on to creating a sturdy raised bed around the base of the trees using scrap wood. It took quite some brute force to get the screws into place but in the end, we did it!

Final touch was to add the new mulch. Although it looked like loads, there was only just enough to cover the bed. I have messaged the person we bought it from to let us know when there is anymore and we will top it up!

It makes such a difference to the bottom part of the plot and as an added bonus, reduces the amount of weeding I need to do!


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