An evening amble

This evening, both of us walked down to the allotment. We haven’t been down together much recently and I wanted to show off all my hard work!

We spent some time talking about where we are going to plant the two new berry bushes in the fruit section. We decided on two spots and it’s my job tomorrow to plant them.

This morning when my husband fed the chickens, he found Emily out ams about in the coop. Aggravating bird! I had ordered a dozen fertile eggs for her to sit on last night! Luckily, when we were there this evening, she was back in residence and very grumpy.

Before we went home, we sat and pondered where we wanted to go on holiday. It was lovely to chill out together in the sunshine and watch the world go by.

I can’t wait to do another day down the allotment tomorrow – the hard work is beginning to pay off.


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