5 year Allotment-versary!

This evening, I realised that we have had our plot for 5 years! The time has flown! So in the spirit of celebration, I have dug out photos from each year to share with you.

Our first year saw us gain a shed, a large greenhouse and several chickens. We learnt how fast weeds grew and what potato plants looked like. It was a steep learning curve!

Allotment 2014
Our first chickens Lottie, Maisie and Doris
First crops
Tidying up the side of the shed with new compost boxes and waterbutts
A sea of weeds

Our second year involved lots more weeding, trying to grow new plants and desperately trying to sort out the bottom plot that we took on at the end of 2014. Our chicken flock grew further and we gained four quail.

Allotment 2015
A plot full of vegetables
Our quail arrived
Dinner at the allotment
View from the shed

The start of 2016 started off slowly! We went down to one plot and Geoff and the guys built us a new chicken coop. We had a lot of help with the chickens and in keeping the plot clear due to family circumstances.

We rescued Emily and she hatched chicks
At least we got something growing apart from weeds!
Our new coop at the bottom of our plot

2017 saw us being able to spend more time down the allotment but with severe budget limitations, we didn’t manage to do much of the upkeep to the shed and greenhouse we needed to do. The bees arrived on site and Sundays became bee day. We managed to hatch more chicks and enjoyed watching them grow.

Allotment 2017
Our crops growing in the sunshine
Ripening tomatoes in our greenhouse
Molly hatched two chicks and survived an attack
Helping check the new hives

2018 saw us try to keep on top of the weeds and attempt to repair our ailing greenhouse by removing the glass from the roof and adding a bolt to support the frame. Our potato crop failed again, we lost some chickens and the last of the quail and we enjoyed chilling in the clubhouse.

Allotment 2018
We planted a tree in the community garden in memory of our family member
We had two new arrivals, Daisy and Nellie
A fantastic fruit crop
Evie went bald and wore a snazzy jumper

The start of 2019 saw us make long overdue repairs and renovation to the shed, clear the fruit section of weeds, plant flowers and start my herb garden. The chickens keep us on our toes and we have done some improvements to the coop. We have worked hard to try and find a way of stopping the plot flooding by planting fruit trees and willow. We have two new benches and a section of homemade crazy paving.

Allotment 2019
Tidied fruit section with weed fabric and bark chippings
Renovated shed which is now cosy and waterproof
Chickens in a row
Busy planting

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