Rain, glorious rain

The weather has finally decided to do something useful and rain. The allotment is overdue for rain and it will help top up our waterbutts which have been dropping rapidly as I have been watering the plants regularly.

Emily continues to sit beautifully on her eggs. As far as I can tell with a quick check, she is still sitting on all twelve. She may reject some over the next couple of days but hopefully the majority will stay under her. The rest of the girls seem to be happy and I even spotted Snap making herself comfy on the apple tree perch I made. It’s the first time I have seen one of the girls use it and Snap looked like she approved!

Next I ran to the allotment gate to sell off our old two burner stove with the gas bottle. We inherited it with the plot and have never used it. We have a single burner that uses smaller gas cannisters which does for us. The buyer arrived and carted it off, leaving me with a less cluttered shed. I am putting the money from the stove towards my own amazing hoe.

Cliff swung by to share an idea about fixing our greenhouse. As it is two greenhouses joined together with a wooden frame. Over time the wooden frame as started to rot and the weight of the glass started to make the situation worse. We removed the glass several months ago and Mick the Greek had secured one side with additional wood and a strong bolt. Whilst this has kept the structure from falling, it hasn’t fixed the fundamental problem. Cliff’s idea is to remove the shorter back section and use the spare parts from it to fix up the larger front section. The removal of the back section of the greenhouse would give us a reasonably large space between the shed and the back of the shortened greenhouse. As the entirety of the greenhouse is paved, it would give us a patio area to relax in. I discussed this idea with my long suffering husband who agreed saving part of the greenhouse was a good idea and that if the greenhouse was smaller we could use the space more productively for growing crops.

We ambled down to the community garden and spotted the top find of the koi karp. Good to know she is still doing well.

Before we left, I checked the wormery briefly and I was pleased to find they have been making themselves at home and are beginning to eat the food scraps I put in. A proper update on the wormery to follow in a couple of days! As we walked past the greenhouse, I check on the potatoes in their pots. They are growing! For the first time in nearly 3 years, we may actually have a potato crop!

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