Washout June

This morning, I dashed down to the allotment in the pouring rain. The rain we have had for a few days has boosted the growth of the plants but also the weeds.

The chicks have got so much bigger and have feathered up more. Our Plymouth Rock chick is almost completely feathered out now and it is very adventurous, jumping out the run and spending several minutes exploring the top.

The Wyandottes are slowly feathering up with gorgeous golden brown feathers with a black rim. I have been researching sexing these chicks but it’s still a bit early. Their feathers are growing slower than the Plymouth Rock, but they currently have feathers on their wings, head and starting to on their chests.

Emily was very adventurous and spent a quarter of an hour out of the run, snacking on a couple of snails and stretching her legs. She freaked out at one point for no apparent reason, trying to peck her way through the wire to her chicks. I had to resort to picking her up and dropping her into the run. Idiot bird!

As the rain confused relentlessly, I sprinted down to the path to the main coop. I collected the eggs and put out their treats. They all tried to avoid the rain by hiding on the right side of the coop under the cherry tree. I cleared the top and shook off the pond collecting on the roof of the nest box.

The rain showed no signs of stopping so I dashed home after checking everything was secure.


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