A busy afternoon

Today I went down to the allotment late to find several people still on site. I opened up the greenhouse and fed Emily and the chicks who scoffed their food like I hadn’t fed them in weeks. After a while, I opened up the run and Emily and the Plymouth rock chick jumped out and had a walk around the top.

Next I dashed down to the main coop and fed the chickens. They were busy enjoying scratching and having dust baths but everything stopped when I pulled out their treats! One egg and no more, so I told them to get their act together.

I pottered off to town to pick up a few bits before heading back to site before the rain began. I had borrowed Phil’s handle and put it to use, hoeing the entire plot. The blasted mare’s tail is growing at a rate of knots and nothing I do seems to slow or stop it.

When I finished, I did some work on the crazy paving and the plot border, getting rid of the grass and weeds that insist on growing.

I joined Cliff in the clubhouse and passed a happy half hour chatting about chickens before heading off to sit with Emily for a while.


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    1. Thank you for your lovely comments! My plot hasn’t always looked so good, it varies from year to year! Emily and her chicks are delightful and I can spend hours watching them.

      Have a read of some of my other posts and pages for more information on bees. Have a Google to find your local bee association who will do training courses and open days!

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  1. A few drops of dish liquid
    in a mixture of white vinegar and water is supposed to be a natural weed killer with it not being harmful for the bees. I don’t know the exact amounts of each but you can Google it or look on pinterest. I believe I saw it on a post on Facebook. I’ve used it and it works. I put it in a spray bottle using it on the specific area until I saw the results I desired. I want to say I filled the bottle with half
    white vinegar and half water then added 10 drops of dish liquid stirring it not to cause bubbles then sprayed liberally on all I didn’t want.

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