Sweltering in the Sunshine

Today was hot. Boiling. Rapidly approaching the temperature of the surface of the sun. At 5 pm, it was still 32 degrees. It’s inhuman.

I ran down to the allotment to refresh the chickens water. In the main coop, the water bowl was nearly empty. I refilled it to the brim and for good measure, I filled an old Quality Street box to give them a second water bowl.

Next I walked across to Hans and refilled his water, not that I got any thanks for it. He just shouted at me.

Lastly, I went into the greenhouse and found our Plymouth Rock had knocked her water over. I refilled it quickly but she wouldn’t take any water. She was dehydrated and I went to the clubhouse to find a bowl. Luckily, I found one and put it on the ground before lifting the chick out. She had the cheek to try and peck me! She must been feeling a bit better.

I have read online that in extreme heat chickens appreciate a bowl of water to cool their feet in. I gently lifted her into the bowl. She wasn’t impressed so I moved her out and managed to persuade her to drink some water. I put her back into the coop whilst I dashed home for her medicine.

When I got back, I put her outside to enjoy some fresher air on the patio. She spent a happy half hour eating the weeds growing between the slabs. Today she is standing better and taking a few more wobbly steps. Her appetite has significantly improved and she is eating a good amount of her growers pellets each day.

Before I left I borrowed a washing up bowl and filled it with water to give her a bigger bath. I supported her whilst she was in it and she relaxed and enjoyed it for five minutes. Hopefully it helped cool her down!

Here’s hoping she continues to make progress over the next few days!


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