Steps forward

Today the heat was still horrendous but the temperature had dropped a little. Even better was the slight breeze which occasionally gave a brief break from the relentless heat. Due to the heat, I have been leaving the greenhouse door open to allow through flow of air overnight for the Plymouth Rock chick.

I managed to get her out, receiving a peck in the process. Medicine sorted, I left her to explore the front of the greenhouse and enjoy the weeds growing between the slabs. Her appetite is so much better and she is eating everything I give her. Green weeds are her absolute favourite although the sunflower seeds I threw in before I headed off to sort the other chickens were also acceptable.

The main coop was quite calm and the new chickens seem to be fully integrated now. It was far too hot to do much apart from feed them and check their water. They all seem to have come through the extreme heat well and the additional water bowl definitely helped. I collected three eggs and went off to check on Hans.

He was fine although he isn’t happy about being on his own. As I passed Geoff’s coop, Geoff told me he had been down early that morning and had heard Hans crowing. Sadly, this means he needs to be moved on to a new home. I will try to catch Phil tomorrow to see if he knows someone who needs a beautiful cockerel.

I ambled down to the clubhouse to find Geoff, Cliff and his trusty hound, Steve and Mick the Greek all enjoying a cuppa. We had a discussion about the new PM and the seemingly unending Brexit situation before heading off to sort out the chick. She was there in the greenhouse, happily stretched out under the ladder. I dashed off to get the wash basin and put her in it. She wasn’t impressed and managed to jump upwards, nearly landing on the top of the open coop! I was so impressed! She has been improving over the last 24 hours but to jump nearly half a metre when she has been barely able to stand a few days ago is incredible. I put her back into the coop with a topped up food and water bowl.

Next I walked up and down the plot, half heartedly wondering about where to start. It was so hot that I only stopped long enough to grab a handful of weeds for the chick. I put them in and she had a go at them before getting a new idea into her head. She had spotted the coop lid was still open. Carefully, she lined herself up and jumped! She didn’t quite reach the top of the coop but she wasn’t far off. It makes me hopeful she will make a full recovery in time. Also, I have to call the vet tomorrow with an update, she timed her jumping to perfection!


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