There are many different types of rain. Some comes at you sideways, finding every gap in your clothing and flooding it. Another is so light it’s like walking through a fine mist. Today’s was the British classic, drizzle. Unless you have lived in the UK, drizzle may need a little explanation. Drizzle is always accompanied by a blanket of mid-grey cloud covering the entire sky. It’s a steady rain that progressively percolates through all your clothing no matter how good your waterproof coat is. As an added bonus, it is relentless, usually lasting for hours, sometimes days on end. This was what we had today. All day.

By the time I got to the allotment I was fairly soggy. By the time I left, I was thoroughly soaked. I ducked into the greenhouse to sort out the chick. She was standing taller and with more confidence. Although displeased with being caught, she stayed still just long enough to get the medicine down her. I let her loose in the greenhouse for an hour to see how she was walking. There was a notable improvement from yesterday. Good timing too as I needed to call the vet with an update. He said to keep her on the medicine for the rest of the weekend then stop. Also, he seemed optimistic about her having a good recovery and ruled out Mareks.

The other girls in the main coop were a bit soggy but pleased with my peace offering of sunflower seeds. I collected a couple of eggs and topped up their food and water. Hattie and Katie have feathered up beautifully and are so friendly. They like to walk next to me when I am in the coop. I have never had any chickens who have been so tame. I am hoping Georgie will be the same when she is fully feathered and settled.

I joined everyone in the clubhouse in an effort to escape from the relentless rain. All the usual gang were there and we passed the time watching Geoff and Steve wind each other up. It’s always in good humour and they both give as good as they get. Ken joined us with one of his dogs who took a real shine to Mick the Greek. Steve shared the good news that he has managed to hatch 15 chicks, 10 of which are hens. So more chickens for the allotment site!

I plan to let our chick out in the greenhouse for longer tomorrow, especially if it’s raining. Her increased mobility means the greenhouse doors have to be closed when she is out and it’s been too hot to have them closed in the heat.


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