Chickens are weird

This evening my husband and I went down to the allotment to check on the chicks in the greenhouse. We found them both in the nest box together although the cream legbar looked a bit uncertain about being so close to Leia. She wandered about as I refilled the water bowl and picked up the pieces of a smashed mug someone had managed to knock off the table. As I put the refreshed water bowl back into the greenhouse, I startled her and she flew up onto the top of the table. Clearly, she feels safer up there so I sprinkled a small handful of grower’s pellets into a large plant pot so she has a snack up there with her. Oblivious to this, she then promptly roosted in the plant pot.

She snuggled in and refused to budge. I know chickens can be very quirky but this takes the biscuit! Weirdo!


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