RIP Evie

Today I walked down to the allotment in the rain. This summer appears to be a total washout interspersed with mini heatwaves. Upon my arrival, I opened up the greenhouse to find both chicks roosting together in the nest box! It appears they have sorted their differences and seem to be enjoying each others company. I topped up their food and water before catching up with Cliff and Geoff in the clubhouse.

We sat and sheltered from the rain for a while, hoping it would stop. It didn’t. Eventually, we gave up waiting for the rain to stop and pottered off. I ambled down to the main coop to feed the rest of the girls. On my arrival I counted only 11 chickens so I assumed someone was busy laying in the nest box. I cleared the top of the coop and gave out their treats. No one appeared from the nest box which was rather ominous. I opened each nest box and didn’t find anyone so I opened the main nest box. I found Evie had passed away in the night. It’s a good way to go I guess. It’s rather sad as we have had her for years and she was such a big personality.

Evie was well known for shouting, with reputation as the loudest chicken on site! It was always her who stood on sentry duty and alerted all the others that I had arrived at the top of the plot. Quite possibly the bossiest chicken I have ever owned but also one of the most friendly.


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