Winter draws in

The weather has definitely taken a wintery turn over the last few weeks. The leaves have turned yellow and orange and begun to fall. The temperature has dropped significantly and the dark nights have drawn in.

Today I went down the allotment with Fiona. We spent several hours cleaning out the coops which were long overdue for a proper clean out. We put all the used bedding from the greenhouse into the compost bin which should rot down over the next few months producing a lovely rich compost. Whilst we cleared out the greenhouse, Leia and Rey enjoyed time outside eating the weeds growing through the patio slabs.

Next we moved onto the main coop. All the heavy rain has made the floor of the coop very muddy. We spread out some sawdust to help dry out the worst parts. Fiona got busy cleaning all the boards with anti-mite fluid as I washed out the nest boxes. As they all dried, we went for a short explore around the site – it appears Halloween has come to the site!

The old girls all seem happy if a bit disgruntled at the disruption in their coop. Dolly, Polly and Millie are all moulting fit to bust – hopefully their feathers will be back before the weather gets any colder. We finished up as the light began to fade.


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