Mud wins

The last few days have been relatively dry and although there are still puddles, the rest of the plot is drying out. Or so I thought.

Avoiding the puddles, I walked across the plot to grab the spade. Much to my horror, two steps in I lost my shoe and had to drag myself out of the quagmire whilst trying not to sink any further. I grabbed the spade, lobbed it to solid ground and tried to come up with a plan to retrieve my shoe. I decided to grab it on my way past, sacrificing my socks in the process.

What happened next was not what I planned. Or anything near it. As I ran across the quagmire, I managed to loose my other shoe just as I grabbed the other. Shoeless and sinking rapidly, I struggled to grab both whilst simultaneously trying to extract both legs, now ankle deep in mud and maintain my balance. Miraculously, I didn’t fall over but when I finally emerged I was caked in mud from the knee down. Embarrassing escapade aside, it goes to show that my plan to grow rice is sound!


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