A hint of spring

Aside from the cold weather, the sun has appeared the last few days, allowing the plot to start to drain. I spent a good deal of time on site today chatting with some of our new plot holders, Tracy and Andy.

Everyone was in the clubhouse as I arrived and I even managed a cuddle with Ken’s gorgeous little Pomeranian. She was absolutely determined to find non-existant biscuits in Ken’s coat pocket, sticking her entire head in to see if she could find any! Apparently she had scoffed the handful Ken has brought with him well before my arrival.

As I sorted out the chickens, I decided to air out the shed. It hasn’t been used much in the last few months and needs a good spring clean before it’s fully functional again. I am also waiting for my husband to remove the eight-legged monster currently roaming free in the shed! As I surveyed the plot in the sunshine, I spotted the primrose in the hanging basket is beginning to show signs of life. It has survived neglect and multiple storms and yet continues to grow. I am hoping it won’t flower too soon otherwise the cold might kill it off.


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