Cliff the vet visits Georgie

Last week I finally got around to sorting out Georgie. She is one of our rescue ex-commercial layers who has developed a weird growth on the sides of her beak.

Cliff had a good look and recognised it as an overgrowth. Apparently it can happen quite often but I haven’t had any chickens with it before. He recommended some nail clippers to cut off the growth. We met down on site and Georgie clearly had sensed something was up because she hid under the nest box. After some poking under the nest box with a large stick, we managed to get her out.

It was so easy and quick! Cliff held her securely whilst I held her beak closed. One quick snip on one side and the growth was gone. We swapped over and carefully trimmed the lower beak on the opposite side to stop it growing into a problem in a few weeks time. She was so good about it all – hopefully this will mean that she can eat more easily and enjoy scratching and foraging more.

Assuming the endless rain stops for long enough for the ground to dry out, we will finish digging over the plot and cleaning out the main coop again. As yet, there is no sign of the deluge stopping for long enough for the flooding to receed.


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