A Midnight Burial

I received a call from Cliff this afternoon saying that Fizz was looking a bit ropey. She hasn’t been herself over the last couple of days but my husband picked her up this morning and she was pottering around the coop when he left. Cliff found her huddled up and put her in the nest box to warm up.

When I got home, I dashed off to the allotment to check on her. It as rather eerie outside. The freezing fog an dark made it look like a scene from the early 1900’s London. What made weirder was the lights from the athletic club giving a misty glow . upon opening he nest box, I found she had sadly passed away. It was pitch black and trying to find the spade and dig a grave for Fizz was difficult. It took some time to do but I managed the spade one handed whilst holding a torch in the other.

I will miss Fizz – she was a gorgeous chicken who was always top of the pecking order. She loved being nosey and was always up on the food bins on lookout.


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