Seed Sale

And just like that, it begins again! The Allotment Federation’s annual seed sale always marks the beginning of the new season – a time to plan in earnest, finish off digging the plot (assuming it isn’t flooded) and clear out the shed/greenhouse/coop (delete as appropriate).

I love the sale because it’s one of the few times in a year, you can meet fellow allotmenters. Allotmenters are rather tribal and tend to stick to their own sites and often specific areas within their sites. It’s always interesting hearing debates about which variety of potato is best and why you shouldn’t bother growing a specific type of carrot. I also love it because it’s a chance to get hold of a wider choice of seeds. The Allotment Federation seed sale has over 80 different types of potatoes plus a ton of other fruit bushes, fruit trees and trays upon trays of vegetable seeds. It’s a bit like Christmas for allotmenters.

We ambled around and chose a selection of seed potatoes, onion sets and a garlic bulb. These are our usual staples for the allotment and we buy them every year. But the seed trays are exciting – we try different things each year. Basically, an allotment is a giant growing experiment – there are some successes and failures but it’s all part of the fun! In our experience, it’s usually more failure than success but every year we come back determined to make something grow. We have bought several types of beans and tomatoes to try – keep a look out in future posts!

Down on site, Cliff has been working hard helping us clean the coops. The loss of two chickens in close succession suggests there is disease in our coop. Cliff has sprayed both coops with jeyes fluid, a disinfectant, and I will be spending Monday and Tuesday (weather depending!) digging out the top 6-10″ of soil in the coop. This should limit the chance of reinfection. I have bought two bottles of jeyes fluid, one for Andy who kindly lent us some to do the emergency disinfection of the coops, and one for a second treatment today. Our allotment is such an amazing and supportive community and we are so fortunate to be part of it.

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  1. Hiya
    I love this site we aquired an allotment 2yrs ago and spent the 1st year getting it in shape we now have the bug and think it’s great we can exchange experiences good and bad we went to the crewe seed sale 2nd yr running and allways come away with a bag of goodies even though I was confined to a wheelchair this year due to just having an operation but can’t wait to get back to the allotment at Willaston and love to share thoughts with other plot holders
    Happy growing guys
    Steve and cadge 😊

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