Allotment life changes

We all received an email from the Allotment Federation yesterday detailing all the necessary changes to ensure that allotment sites can remain open. The list is long but boils down to wash hands regularly with soap, communal gathering places to close and stay on your own plot. Reasonable precautions but it’s still rather sad that the main social aspect of being part of our site (the clubhouse every hour, on the hour, for a cuppa and a biscuit) is now banned. Steve locked down the clubhouse yesterday to make sure we were all kept from temptation to pop in and raid the biscuit tin…

Today I walked down late and it’s been one of those days where nothing much seems to get done. I fed the chickens and amused myself watching the girls enjoying dust baths. I looked at the paint pot for the benches for a while before deciding it could wait for another day.

Keeping my distance was easy today as most people had gone before I arrived and with no one to talk to, I sat in the shed watching the world go by. Eventually, it was time to go and I pottered home for the rest of the day. Lockdown may be absolutely essential to fight coronavirus, but being stuck at home is unbelievably dull.


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