When the shed became the office

Another glorious day today and I made the most of it by taking my laptop, a drink and a snack down the allotment. I set up the chair as a table and sat in the doorway of the shed on a cushion. The only issue I had was the sun was completely in my eyes but I battled on!

Taking a short break, I went to feed the chickens. The older girls were being lazy, sunbathing rather than egg laying. After a severe telling off, I left them in the hope it would encourage them to lay some eggs. It didn’t work. As I left the coop, Cliff had appeared holding a dead rat that he had found in a shed near the boundary hedge. It was enormous!

Next I had an amble around the site, looking at all the upgraded sheds. There are an increasing number of sheds that have been done up beautifully. Pondering how good they looked, I wondered whether I should paint our shed. Upon a chat with Tracey, I decided to walk to town and see what wood paints were available. Town was absolutely deserted but I did manage to get hold of a beautiful seagrass green for the walls of the shed and country cream for the door and window frame.

So tomorrow’s job is to sand down the shed quickly before start to paint. The main reason to try coloured paint rather than the usual wood stain of previous years is that it doesn’t seem to last, even with 3 or more coats. The new paint claims to protect the wood for 6 years with one coat – here’s hoping it does!


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