Shed Upgrade

This morning I walked down to the allotment for my daily escape from the house, armed with two tins of paint and a brush. The sunshine was beautiful and I was certain that the paint would dry quickly without too much trouble. When I arrived, I sorted out the chickens food and water, letting Leia and Rey into their outdoor run and collected 3 eggs.

Next, the shed. I decided to move the bench out of the way and start on the front of the shed. It took about an hour to finish the front. I had left the door and corners of the shed brown, ready to be painted a contrasting colour once the main panels were dry. I stopped and checked how the shed was looking before thinking about where to paint next.

It will definitely take some getting used to! Our shed has been the same shade of brown for the last 6 years. But I liked how it was beginning to look. I then painted both side panels. It was looking rather good though I say so myself. The only problem was that I had now run out of the seagrass paint. I did have the other tin and then a rather interesting idea struck me. The patio area between the shed and the greenhouse is rather dark. Would painting the back panel of the shed in a lighter colour, help brighten up the patio? The second tin of paint was called Country Cream and I knew that at least half the tin would be left over after I had painted the shed door, corners and few other parts. That half tin should be enough to paint the back of the shed – the lighter colour would reflect the light and brighten the patio whilst also using up all the paint.

I started to use the cream paint to do the door and some of the corners. Unfortunately, I ran out of time but provided it isn’t wet tomorrow, I will finish off the inside of the door, the corners and bits on the roof before tackling the back panel. Here’s hoping it works!


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