The Pallet Project Part 1

We have had an old wooden pallet for years. It was actually the pallet the olive tree was delivered on several years ago! It has lived in the chicken run for most of that time and latterly, has been abandoned outside the main coop. I have been pondering what to do with it for months and I have finally decided on what to do!

First job was to scrape off all the old encrusted mud. This took a while as there was lots! Next, I brushed it over with a soft brush. The brush removed much of the last remaining bits of mud which I had struggled to scrape away. Judging that I had just enough sage wood paint left over from the shed, I started to paint the pallet.

I had finished the back before I realised I should have started on the front incase I ran out of paint. Nevermind. I carried on, being rather more sparing with the paint. Just as I was struggling to get the last ends of the paint from the tin, I finished. It could probably do with another coat to make the colour look better but that means another trip into town for another tin of paint.

Still to do is to box off the bottom section of the pallet with a couple of bits of wood. Then line the beds before filling them with compost ready for the strawberries. As an added bonus, a colleague from work has been advertising a free wooden pallet which I offered to remove for her. It means we can have two strawberry pallet planters to form a living divider on the new plot layout. Before I left, I used some old sticks and string to mark out the possible position of the middle path. I think it looks quite good.

I shut up the shed and walked around the plot to grab some greens for the chicks. Armed with a fist full of mare’s tail, I walked into the greenhouse. Mobbed is an understatement! Massive enthusiasm of three chicks saw the majority of the greens gone within a few minutes. I threw the remaining greens down for the chicks to finish. I sat in a bit of a daydream for a few minutes when I felt something on my foot. I looked down to see one of the chicks standing on my foot. Rather pleased that it felt confident enough to stand on me, it went further. Hilariously, it then proceeded to climb up my leg onto my lap. It perched there happily for a few minutes much to my amazement. I don’t care if this chick is a cockerel, there is no way I am going to let it go!

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