A quiet evening

It got even hotter today. After a night of little sleep, my husband popped down to feed the chickens in the morning. I decided to hide in the house in front of a fan until the relentless heat dropped. The morning report from the allotment came back that all our girls were doing well, Leia was stills sitting on her eggs and Rey was still hiding under the nest box.

Later, I walked slowly down to the allotment cursing the continuing heat. Not only is the soil baked to the hardness that would put concrete to shame! I pulled up some mare’s tail that insists on growing everywhere. The weeding didn’t last long because it was far too hot to keep bending down. Giving up, I started to water the plants. All of them are still alive despite the heat and drought which I think is rather impressive!

Tracy and Bradley appeared to water their plants and we enjoyed a lovely chat together. I borrowed a broom and spent half an hour sweeping out the shed and reorganising it. Whilst the mice are adorable, they do create a bit of a mess and disturbing them several times in the past few days might scare them off a bit. The shed rearrangement is almost there. We need to take home a few bits to make it less cluttered but it looks significantly better this evening.

If the heat is as bad tomorrow, we will go down in the evening again to do some watering and a little weeding.


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