Millie goes to Jail

The dreaded heat continued so I walked down just to sort out the chickens. Other jobs can’t wait until it’s cooler this evening! I stopped for a chat with Geoff, Andy and Tracy until it was too hot. Then I retreated into the shade of the main coop.

Rey is getting braver although she is still being bullied by Millie. Every time Rey tried to come out, Millie chased her back under the nest box. I moved the water bowl and stood between Rey and the other girls so she could get a drink in peace. After topping up their food and water, I began to sort out the broody coop. It’s an ideal jail because it’s next to the coop so they can see and hear each other without being able to fight. Here’s hoping a couple of days in jail will help Rey integrate and then we can reintroduce Millie. To help Rey, I placed a bowlful of water under the nest box so she can drink whilst feeling safe.

Next I went over to see Leia. It must be miserable to have to sit on eggs for three weeks in this heat. I topped up her water and food and left it within beak range. Some broodys are so protective of their eggs that they refuse to leave their nest. We always leave a small amount of food and water close to the broody just in case she doesn’t want to move. Leia watched me very suspiciously but I escaped without being pecked today.

Opening up the greenhouse, I was hit by a wall of hot air. It must be in the high 20’s or early 30’s in there. I left both doors open to try and drop the temperature whilst I fed the chicks. They are still growing well and enthusiastically eat whatever I put in. I had received an update on the other six chicks – all well and the majority of them were girls! I couldn’t believe it! My colleague has one she thinks could be a boy (the small stroppy one we named Napoleon) and we have our suspicions about one of ours. Neither has crowed yet or even tried to so who knows?! Hatching nine chicks from ten eggs is spectacular but for seven to be pullets is outrageously defying the odds. Our chicks have another eight to ten weeks before they are fully grown and go in with the rest of our girls. Fresh water and new growers pellets were being enjoyed as I left. By now it was far too hot to do anything else.


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