Chicken treats

This evening, I popped down to the allotment to water the plants. It was still very hot. As I quickly checked the chicks, two of them looked very hot. Remembering a tip I had seen somewhere online, I fished about for a shallow tray and partially filled it with water. Trying not to spill it, I lowered it into the coop for the chicks. If a chicken is overheating, paddling in cool water can help. Inevitably, the chicks were terrified of it and refused to go near it. I caught one and tried to put her feet in only for me to get soaked in the process. That’s gratitude for you! I left them to work it out themselves.

A quick water of all the plants completed, I walked home thinking about how else to keep the chickens cool. My brain was clearly firing on all cylinders tonight because I remembered reading something else online that helps chickens from overheating. I swung by the shop on the way home to get an essential ingredient and made a start as soon as I got in. I opened the tin and put a spoonful of sweetcorn into each section of the cupcake tray. Next, I added water so each section was filled up to the top before shoving it in the freezer. The idea is, the ice melts leaving half frozen corn for the chickens to enjoy. As an added bonus, it’s a great way of keeping the girls entertained! I look forward to seeing what our girls make of it all tomorrow!


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